okerrupdate documentation

Okerrupdate is client-side library and utilities to work with okerr monitoring. You need it if you want to monitor your server ‘from inside’ (e.g. watch free disk space, load average, CPU temperature and number of customers/purchases in web application database).


Install as python package (recommended way for all users):

pip3 install okerrupdate

Or clone source code from okerrupdate repository (for developers):

git clone https://github.com/yaroslaff/okerrupdate.git




okerrupdate utility

okerrupdate module


Okerrmod is utility to work with okerr check modules.

Check module (or simple ‘check’ or ‘module’) is small program that checks one parameter of system, such as CPU temperature, free space on partition, is apache running or not and similar things.

okerrmod usage

Okerrmod modules

Common module properties

Basic okerrmod modules

Extending okerrmod

Using virtual modules

runstatus module and runline module

Writing custom okerrmod modules



Tips and tricks

Running checks with different periods

Manual run